On Saturday evening, September 8th 2012, Debby Hrusa and Pat Mounicou hosted a “Get To Know Your Neighbor Event” at Debby’s home on Thunder Ridge. As the first such even, it was a great success with 35 plus attending. Most attendees brought some type of delicious food to share and all had a great time. See the gallery tab for some of the photos of the event. We want to sincerely thank Debby and Pat who walked the neighborhood hand-delivering the invitations for the event. Hopefully, with the start of our new web site, we will eventually establish an electronic contact list for our CVHOA members as well as a directory.

Each year CVHOA host an Easter Egg Hunt at Beaver Lake (at the end of Cheyenne Dr, behind the 17th

tee-box of CV Golf Course). All children and grandchildren (10 years old and under) of residents are invited to participate. There are drinks, snacks, games with prizes, and of course the Easter Egg Hunt. There is also an opportunity to take photographs with the Easter Bunny. See the gallery tab for some photos of the 2013 event.


The Book Club meets once a month to select the next month’s book choice and to discuss opinions of the prior month’s selection. If you are interested in the Book Club, contact the HOA Board


National Neighbors Night Out
National Night Out is an annual event promoting neighborhood safety and is typically held on the 1st Tuesday of October. National Night Out generates awareness of and support for drug and crime prevention; strengthens neighborhood spirit and police/community relations; lets criminals know that neighborhoods are organized in fighting crime. All residents of Olive Branch are asked to turn on their porch lights. It provides an opportunity for the entire family to meet your neighbors at a block party or barbecue. Come join the fun and festivities. Come meet our police officers and learn how to fight back against crime. Block parties are typically held from 8:00 – 9:00pm on various streets throughout the neighborhood.

Cherokee Valley Summer Festival
We are looking for a bright, energetic person to chair the first 2013 CVHOA Summer Festival/Picknic. Summer Festivals are typically held on a Saturday in June, and can include games like Horseshoes, Bag Toss, Vollyball, etc. If you are interested in chairing the festival, please contact a Board member.

Cherokee Valley HOA Annual Golf Tournament
Our neighborhood is full of avid golfers. We are looking for one or two that are familiar with golf tournaments and would be interested in putting together an annual golf tournament for our neighborhood. If you are interested in chairing the festival, please contact a Board member.

Our neighborhood has some wonderful residents and we are attempting to form some clubs and committees to share interest and provide opportunities to meet new people. If you have an idea for a club, or would like to start one, contact the HOA Board

Annual festivals held in the neighborhood would be hosted by the Cherokee Valley HOA and chaired by volunteers in the neighborhood. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated to help with the events. To get involved in the events contact the HOA Board.

Anyone interested in helping to organize any neighborhood event or club please contact any Board Member (click on Board tab above for contact information) or contact the HOA Board

Welcoming Committee
The Cherokee Valley Welcoming Committee would welcome new residents to the neighborhood with a welcome package.

Gardening Club
A Gardening Club would provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors, share your gardening tips, or just come a club meeting to learn something new!

Yard of the Month Committee
The Yard of the Month committee would select the best yards of the neighborhood each month.

Neighborhood Watch
In essence, Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense. It teaches citizens how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. It provides citizens with the opportunity to make their neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life.

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