Fishing & Activity Area

What could be better than having a little fishing hole in your back yard? What could be better than walking to a fishing hole and casting a line or perhaps teaching your kids the basics of pulling in a big one? Starting kids out on a local fishing pond has been a traditional learning experience for generations. A little planning can go a long way toward making the experience fun and positive. For example, if you bait your hook for fish that aren’t in the pond, fishing can be somewhat boring or frustrating. On the other hand, teaching kids to use proper bait and how to cast the lure to the place they might actually catch a fish can be educational and rewarding. Everyone who has had a chance seems to remember catching their first fish, even if they released it after bringing it to shore.

Beaver Lake (formerly known as King Lake) is right here in the Cherokee Valley and open to all Cherokee Valley HOA members. Beaver Lake is located just off of Cheyenne Dr and Craft Road, just behind the 17th tee-box of Cherokee Valley Golf Course. The Lake is stocked with crappie and bass by the CVHOA.  Please remember: Beaver Lake is strictly “catch and release”

Beaver Lake is also used as a CVHOA special events area such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Lake Activity Area is also available for CVHOA member to use for picnics, barbeques, etc.

Beaver Lake & Activity Area

Beaver Lake

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