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Block Party June 2016

CVHOA 1st Annual Block Party 2016

Success, fun, hot, laughter, food, music, snow cones, neighbors….the list can go on! Each word used describes the absolute wonderful time that was had by those that attended the CVHOA first annual block party.

The BOD wants to send a huge shout out to the Block Party Committee, who worked endless hours planning, setting up, refilling coolers, making snow balls, socializing, and so on. Your 2016 committee was: Donna McNulty Schlatter, Debbie Moore, Patricia Mounicou, Patricia Petty, Alisha Bergin, and Amanda Umfress. The husbands behind the scenes were the heavy lifters and we could not have done it without you guys!!!

Second, Thank you to the neighborhood for coming together to enjoy the day. From helping set up, cleaning up, monitoring the slide, bringing food, etc, you were the most instrumental denominator of yesterday. We could host a dozen events but if you didn’t come success could not have been achieved.

Thank you to Kroger, who donated $100 dollars toward food, t-shirts, and hats. The store manager (John Rodriquez) stopped by to mingle with the neighbors.

Thanks a bunch to Waste Pro for donating the trash bin!!!

And a shout out to the band ,Side Street Steppers for a fun filled music afternoon.

Thank you to the city representatives Pat Hamilton and police officers who attended. You are much appreciated.

A special Thank You to Sonny and Pat for providing countless snow balls. Each snow ball was prepared by hand. The syrups were hand made! They were delicious!

Thank you Patrick and Kim Gregory Ball. You were awesome to allow us to use your yard and electricity! Thank you Kelly Shannon Roberts for donating tons of chairs, coolers, and tables! Thank you Mr. Dave Henderson for running our many errands throughout the morning and supplying the generator. Thank you to the Herring’s for donating a tent. Thank you to Jeff Umfress for supplying the electricity and water for the big Kahuna (sorry for the mud hole). If we missed anyone else please know we appreciate you!!

Thank you to all involved in the 1st Block Party! The countdown begins to the 2nd Annual Block Party now!!!